The Traditional Circle aka the ªPeacemakersº was created to offer an alternative to a formal court process to families. Entrance into the Traditional Circle must be agreed upon by both custodial and non-custodial parties. If one party does not agree then we proceed to a formal court process. The Traditional Circle includes four members of the Traditional Circle, which includes the Interpreter who also acts as the Facilitator along with the two parties. A member of the CSP staff is also included to record the Traditional Circle¹s findings to forward to our Attorney to draft a court order that will be signed by the Traditional Circle and the Chief Judge of the Tribal Court. After the court order is signed it becomes a binding legal document that each party must adhere to.

The Traditional Circle offers the non-custodial parent the ability to offset up to 50% of their child support obligation by providing in-kind services to the family:

In-kind Values
You may off-set up to half of your child support payment per month by doing any of the following activities that will benefit the child.
Cord of Wood
Mechanic work
Household Maintenance
Cultural Activities
Child Care Activities
Education Activities

All work must have prior approval and must be signed by both parties and CSP. There will be a limit on the number of hours to be used for offsets. A ¤10.00 per hour scale will be used for all activities.

There are currently 13 recognized members of the Traditional Circle, these members were nominated in a Business Committee and then recognized by the Business Committee through Tribal Resolution ¦: 99-11

Pearl Whitford
Merle Tendoy
Duncan Standing Rock
Louise Stump
Teresa Tendoy
Earl Arkinson
Lydia Chief Stick
Eddie Whitford
Florence SunChild
Kenny Writing Bird
Ruby Gopher